Let's Have A Fundraiser!
IGT is Bringing a Revolutionary Approach to Fundraising
Our Mission
Innovative Giving Technologies’ mission is to redefine the entire Fundraising Experience by using our patent pending technology to create a superior yet simpler user experience for the organization, staff, volunteers, donors, and sponsors all in an eco-friendly solution.

Collect more donations with branded donation pages and text-to-give keywords.  Now you can incorporate our proprietary DonorRewards Technolgy into you next fundraiser and increase donor participation!
Online Giving From Any Device
Empower donors to give in seconds, anytime, anywhere—on PC, smartphone, or tablet. Customize beautiful donation buttons and pages to collect payment, and use the power of text-to-give keywords to allow your supporters to make donations right on their mobile devices.
End-to-End Event Fundraising
IGT uses patent pending DonorRewards technology to encourage and reward your supporters.  Now your supporters will receive exclusive local offers that they can redeem from local shops, restaurants, and apparel stores.  All of the rewards are sent directly to your donors mobile device to make using them simple and easy.
Come Join the Success
There has never been a better time to UPGRADE your fundraising!
Encourage Giving Across Platforms
Ask for donations in more ways than ever before. Embed your secure donation form on your Facebook page, link to it in your weekly email blasts, or include text-to-give instructions on your marketing campaign collateral. No matter how you use online giving, you’ll quickly see how powerful responsive solutions can be.
  1. Mobile
    Text messages have a 98% open rate, with 90% read within just three minutes!
  2. Social
    From email and social media to radio and TV, simple calls-to-action give big results
  3. Events
  4. Simple
    We will create a fully branded, responsive donation form to embed directly on your website, complete with suggested donation amounts, custom fields, and more.
  5. Registration
  6. Class Contests
LAKE WORTH, Fla., May. 16, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Innovative Giving Technology (IGT), recently partnered with Text My Pledge to bring innovative new fundraising options to non-profits, schools and universities. Schools and Non-profits will now be able to seamlessly collect donations and offer rewards to their supporters from local merchants. IGT (www.igivetech.com) and Text My Pledge (www.textmypledge.com) are piloting their new program in South Florida, with plans to expand nationally.
  1. Fun
    23 DEC
    “The power of fundraising through IGT has not yet been fully tapped. But we feel that by working together we will bring unprecedented fundraising capabilities to our community."
  2. Social
    23 DEC
    Being able to give their supporters two exciting, easy-to-use ways to help them reach their financial goals is something we feel will be embraced by our local organizations.
  3. Simple
    23 DEC
    Make it easy for both the merchants and the cause. It only takes a few moments for both the cause and merchants to get setup with IGT, and then the opportunities are endless."
  1. Paul Christian
    "What is really exciting about IGT is that this donation process benefits the cause, the consumer, and the merchant."
    Paul Christian
  2. Geoff Lee
    "There is an incredible potential to add a new donation stream, while your supporters are happily saving money at their favorite local stores."
    Geoff Lee
  3. Melanie Saunders
    "I was finally able to just focus on teaching and meet my fundraising goals without any conflict"
    Melanie Saunders
  4. Selina Jackson
    "I usually dread fundraising season along with the students. Now we look forward to it."
    Selina Jackson